It’s happening…

It’s really happening… India here I come in 13 days!Image

It’s been three years since the desire to combine an exotic travel destination with a community building construction project ignited within me. No longer tied to university schedules and not committed to an employment contract, it seems now is the perfect time for me to put plans in action!

Project: 2nd Spiti Gold Solar Project
Organisers: The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and Ecosphere
Location: Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India
Duration: 9th-25th June 2012

View my complete travel route including stopovers between Perth and India.

I arrive in Dehli one week prior to project commencement for a chance to play tourist on this G Adventures Golden Triangle tour. Vibrant city markets, taste-bud tantalising curries, world renowned architectural wonders and an entire city of pink sounds like the way to immerse into the heart of the country before heading to the highest mountain range on earth.

My feelings at this point are a mix of excitement and terror. Both for the same reasons of landing in a new place and not having met any of the people I will be travelling with. I like to think that I have had enough exposure to culture shock and coping with unfamiliar situations. My formative years were spent at an international school where at United Nations Day it really did feel like there was a representative from every single crevice of the world. As an adolescent, I described boarding school that the masses likened to prison as “a giant sleepover”. The one time I certainly did feel culture shock was relocating solo from laid back Brisbane to congested Kuala Lumpur. That was indeed the most challenging learning experience of my life. I would like to think that at the age of 24 I am more prepared for the unexpected than I was at 15. Kuala Lumpur to Perth was a much smoother transition. I credit this to a well organised student housing facility at Curtin University and the open-minded Australian culture. Of all the countries I have lived in, I have felt the most comfortable in Australia because of this culture that I find pairs curiosity with acceptance.

This is the attitude I will take with me on my travels! There is much to see out there and much to do here in preparation. Flight tickets – CHECK! Visas – CHECK! Vaccinations – CHECK! Blog to record and share all of my travel experiences with family, friends and anyone else who might be interested – CHECK! Prepare and test all travel gear – NEXT!

One thought on “It’s happening…

  1. I am as excited as you are about this trip of yours! I hope that it will be a great experience and filled with beautiful memories! And I am sure you will come back with lots of photos and tales to tell your friends and family!

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