The couch surfing begins…

Yesterday I returned the keys to the unit I have called home for the past 17 months. What an emotionally hollowing handover it was. This could have been due to the personal attachment I allowed myself to form with the place. Or because I felt so physically drained by the manual process of sorting, packing and moving all my accumulated belongings followed by the gruelling task of scrubbing each and every surface single¬†single-handedly. C’est la vie eh.

My life in a ute. Thanks to the generous help of a few very good friends most of my large items were fit into a ute and transported for storage in amazingly a single trip! Things could have gotten ugly, but everything does seem to happen for a reason. This time certainly for the best. I felt very blessed indeed.

I’m trying not to wonder about where I may end up calling home next. Leave that for after India. But I will allow myself to reflect on my favourite moments or more characteristics of home December 2010-May 2012…

Coming home

Privacy in a public domain

A “shielded” connection to nature

Vibrancy or personality within the monotony

Reflections/markings of me

Being surrounded/protected by nature

If you are thinking these images look familiar, yes they appear in my architectural dissertation. This was certainly a very personal project that I predict I will continue to refer to in future on academic, professional and personal levels. These are the kinds of things that make home for me. I am intrigued for fate to reveal where I will be led to make home next.

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