Delay City

9am. Tuesday 26 June 2012. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

It’s been 18 days since my last blog entry in Jaipur. Since then I’ve traveled to 5000m above sea level, gone 16 days without a running shower, which is not so bad, it’s more the not being able to wash my hair that’s been most inconvenient. On the up side I’ve met at least 50 new people – a good number awesome, others I could live without. I’ve taken 774 photographs (keeping duplicates to a minimum) and gotten my hands dirty building a solar bath for Spitian monks.

My final three days in India has been one hell of a ride… a 60 hour journey from mountains to civilization started with a minibus at 5000m above sea level…stranded overnight by a landslide in the Himalaya…only to trek over said landslide with bags and all the next morning…hopping in the back of a random pick up truck with 30 others…then onto a dodgy Indian government bus before reuniting with aforementioned minibus to survive the “Pile of dead bodies” Pass just in time for a three hour traffic jam before a 16 hour bus to Delhi, which my fellow travelers and I decided should be renamed ‘Delay City’!

6:30pm. Wednesday 27 June 2012. Rangoon

My Indian adventure is officially over. I arrived in Rangoon yesterday for two weeks with family. On the plane here I began contemplating how to go about sharing all the fascinating cultural , architectural and gastronomical experiences I’ve had over the past three weeks. Because of the diverse nature of experiences one would expect from a place like India I’ve decided to go with separate blog posts ordered in theme rather than chronological sequence. Expect the architectural posts last as I will need time to sort through the photographs first. The good ones will eventually be added to my permanent photography gallery. So stay tuned!

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