My top tips for traveling in India

1. If you get a toilet stop, take it. Also take toilet paper and/or wet wipes with you as most Indian toilets don’t stock toilet paper. You will however, notice a tap and bucket of water in every cubicle. Like many other Asian countries, using water is the custom.
2. Always carry wet wipes – they remove germs completely rather than killing them like hand sanitizer, which in addition dries the skin out.
3. For women, a scarf is the most useful item of clothing Рfor many purposes including shelter from the harsh Indian sun, protection from dust at 360 degrees and modesty in a patriarchal society.
4. Hoard Rs10 notes or coins for tips and small purchases such as water or snacks.
5. The best way to cross an Indian road is to shadow a local. If you can’t manage to find one to shadow the next best option is to go slowly – don’t worry, vehicles will dodge you.

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