Full Circle

At 5:30am this morning I touched down in Perth. I am now full circle. I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since India was a destination on an itinerary for me. Three crowded cities, a handful of villages and a mountain range later it is a life experience that I hope to expand on and a memory that I will forever hold close to┬ámy heart.

It feels really good to be back in my homeless home. Regardless of the fact that I have both job and house hunting to do, I’ve really been looking forward to returning. In life, the most important thing to me is not where I am or what I am doing, it’s who I’m with. This is why I am so happy to be back in Perth. I’m excited to see my favourite people again! When my family is far away, I am blessed to have such good friends close by. You know who you are. If I have ever taken you for granted I am sorry for being such a fool.

Some things I definitely have taken for granted are washing my hair under a decent shower head with hot running water and drinking water straight from the tap. Did both these things today. Separately. It was bliss!

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