Hear hear! I’m already planning my hit-list for 2013.

This year I made it to:

  • Parliament House
  • Council House
  • Perth Concert Hall
  • Scene Apartments
  • Bivouac (Canteen + Bar)
  • My Favourite Spaces (Exhibition at the State Library)
  • Gresley Abas (Architects) + Augmented Reality (Development Solutions)
  • Woodhead (Architects)

View my Open House Perth photos.
Give your feedback on the event.

Architectural Happenings in Perth

Did everyone else really enjoy Open House Perth? I had a great weekend, visiting different buildings and exploring parts of the city. It was wonderful to see so many members of the public out and about, checking out different places too. And this was in bad weather – imagine how many would have been out in fine weather? All the volunteers at all the places we went to were great, and seemed to get everyone through easily and happily, even when getting close to the end of the day on Sunday, when I’m sure everyone must have been exhausted. Really great event. My only complaint maybe that I didn’t have time to see everything! But at least I have a few to check out next year. Some of my pics from the weekend:

Did everyone else enjoy Open House? Did you get out into it or did the weather turn…

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