Jules’ out, Kev’s in!

“Today’s main headline: Kevin Rudd sensationally regained the Labor leadership from Julia Gillard, three years after she ousted him before the 2010 election.” Get the low down of today’s key events here. And don’t forget to read the comments for a range of public opinion – in true Australian tradition – sarcastic, optimistic, amusing and the like.

Meanwhile on Facebook, political statuses filled my news feed. Here are some of my favourites.

– a positive insight that says something about the laid back “Aussie way”

– a critical (somewhat negative) observation

– good question

– food for thought; just to make sure you’re paying attention things…and if politics wasn’t complicated already…

– Aussies love their sport

– even when they pretend they don’tImage

– and to finish off…with true blue Aussie sarcasm

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