Train down, bike up!


A few weeks ago I bought my first grown-up bike. Since I started my grown-up job about nine months ago now, and live 3.4km from my workplace, I’ve been saying that I could either run or cycle to work. Then a month or so ago, Transperth announced train shutdowns in July and August.

“To connect the new tunnel to the Transperth rail network, two shutdowns are need. The first will take place during the second week of the July school holidays, from 7pm Friday 12 July to last service on Wednesday 17 July. From Thursday 18 July trains will start using the new Fremantle Line tunnel and there will be platform changes in Perth Station. The Fremantle to Midland through-service will also return.” From 3pm Wednesday 31 July to last service on Sunday 4 August a second shutdown will take place so trains can switch between the Fremantle and Joondalup line tunnels, which is said to improve how the network operates. (Transperth 2013)


ImageIt’s all part of a new (old) vision for Perth. Sinking the Fremantle Line from William to Lake/King streets is essential to realising the Perth City Link vision to connect the CBD and Northbridge, and revitalise the area. Here’s a great website that puts it all into perspective:

So as all of these changes are happening I decided to bite the bullet and become a two-wheeled commuter. I gave myself a few weekends to suss out the route to work, get the essential accessories (lock and lights), instigate a relationship with my local bike shop cyclemania, and stock my new locker at work with shampoo etc. Now, backpack packed all that’s left to do is sleep well tonight and wake up fresh for my first “real” ride!

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