Toy or Tool?

Just purchased my first iPad. For someone who’s never owned a tablet of any sort, picking one was a difficult decision. As a heavy Adobe Suite and Autodesk user I have become spoilt by my custom built PC with 23 inch monitor at home and my dual screen set up at the office that allow me to work in multiple windows at once at a comfortable processing speed. So why would even consider a 9.7 inch tablet? After an average ten hours a day sitting at a desk, that’s the last thing I want to do when I get home. So I started searching for an option for after hours emails, light photo editing and perhaps some digital sketching.

After months of confusion over the array of products out there, I have decided to go with my initial instinct: the iPad. With the imminent arrival of the leanest and meanest to date (the iPad Air) I waited eagerly anticipating a reduction in the price of the iPad 4. Only to be stumped by Apple when they removed the model altogether. So the research continued. Thanks to the two reviews below I have finally made a decision.

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