Gili GoPro

Spent the last few weekends cutting and compiling this GoPro footage from my first time scuba diving. I know it’s no Spielberg masterpiece but I sure had fun making it 🙂

Camera: boiyfie’s GoPro Hero3
Software: Windows Movie Maker

GACB Exhibition Peer Review

The things I spend time and energy doing are first and foremost for myself. An added satisfaction is to have others take interest in my work. So it was great to read the latest post on the Architectural Happenings in Perth blog. Possibly our first peer review – a constructively critical considered one.

Outdoors Anonymous

Okay, I have an addiction…to the outdoors. Or more specifically, the fun toys that come with outdoor activities. It started with my bike. Then last weekend I had an intense urge to go camping to escape the city. And this weekend I bought a new old…can you guess…surf board 🙂 It was too stormy to test out today so I’ll have to contain my excitement until next weekend. At least this will deter me from other outdoor distractions…for now 😉 Continue reading “Outdoors Anonymous”

Delay City

9am. Tuesday 26 June 2012. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

It’s been 18 days since my last blog entry in Jaipur. Since then I’ve traveled to 5000m above sea level, gone 16 days without a running shower, which is not so bad, it’s more the not being able to wash my hair that’s been most inconvenient. On the up side I’ve met at least 50 new people – a good number awesome, others I could Continue reading “Delay City”