Who’s says there’s nothing to do in Perth?!

The creative scene in Perth has been a buzz this week; with pianos in the streets, emerging jazz musicians killing it at The Ellington, Perth’s original swinger returning for a jaw-dropping hip-popping dance spectacle! And last but not least Jarrad Seng‘s captivating photography exhibition ‘a l l t e r v a t n’ opening the much anticipated MYRE project. Tonight’s creative indulgence was The Ephemeral Project at Spectrum Project Space. What a way to be inspired at the end of a day at a desk! Continue reading “Who’s says there’s nothing to do in Perth?!”


Oh what a week! Here’s how it went:

Monday – morning poolside in Bali (more photos to come).

Tuesday – back at work straight into a submission capped off by a night of filming at Site Architecture Studio Merge Talk on a Practice (vimeo link to come).

Wednesday – night Perth Arena corporate box debut at the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour by Cirque du Soleil.

Thursday – commercial gallery debut at Buratti Art Gallery’s ‘Bright Lights Small City’ exhibition curated by my fabulous friend Karys McEwen. (Below: Me with Karys & Lisa)

Friday – reunited with my beloved window…and what can I say, it’s Friday! Life is good.


My first press release! Well, as part of Buratti Fine Art’s upcoming group exhibition. I’m very excited to be amongst such fresh talent. I do hope somebody likes my illustrations enough to purchase them – for my sake and my friend Karys McEwen’s who is doing such a fantastic job curating the show!



undefined Continue reading “ALERT THE PRESS!”

Outdoors Anonymous

Okay, I have an addiction…to the outdoors. Or more specifically, the fun toys that come with outdoor activities. It started with my bike. Then last weekend I had an intense urge to go camping to escape the city. And this weekend I bought a new old…can you guess…surf board 🙂 It was too stormy to test out today so I’ll have to contain my excitement until next weekend. At least this will deter me from other outdoor distractions…for now 😉 Continue reading “Outdoors Anonymous”

Hear hear! I’m already planning my hit-list for 2013.

This year I made it to:

  • Parliament House
  • Council House
  • Perth Concert Hall
  • Scene Apartments
  • Bivouac (Canteen + Bar)
  • My Favourite Spaces (Exhibition at the State Library)
  • Gresley Abas (Architects) + Augmented Reality (Development Solutions)
  • Woodhead (Architects)

View my Open House Perth photos.
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Architectural Happenings in Perth

Did everyone else really enjoy Open House Perth? I had a great weekend, visiting different buildings and exploring parts of the city. It was wonderful to see so many members of the public out and about, checking out different places too. And this was in bad weather – imagine how many would have been out in fine weather? All the volunteers at all the places we went to were great, and seemed to get everyone through easily and happily, even when getting close to the end of the day on Sunday, when I’m sure everyone must have been exhausted. Really great event. My only complaint maybe that I didn’t have time to see everything! But at least I have a few to check out next year. Some of my pics from the weekend:

Did everyone else enjoy Open House? Did you get out into it or did the weather turn…

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Front Page Nation

Look who’s on the cover of Virgin Australia’s inflight magazine this month. Burma is possibly the hottest travel destination in South East Asia this year. Blame this on the political revolution that saw a shift from military to civilian government, the inauguration into parliament of Nobel Peace Prize laureate and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, and the related – if not consequential – lifting of sanctions, wiping of debts and abolishing of key economic restrictions. I am happy with these positive, although slightly overdue, developments for the economic growth of the country, however, I wonder if the country will be able to withstand the side effects of tourism.

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