Chatsworth Terrace House

Renovation of a two bedroom terrace house in Claremont, Western Australia.

Abundant natural light is a key characteristic of this home, which has been enhanced by clever kitchen and bathroom reconfigurations.

A dramatic move to re-plan the original U-shaped kitchen involved removing an obstructive brick pillar and half height wall, and installing a structural beam within a tight ceiling cavity. This opened up the kitchen to the dining and living areas, allowing for a new island bench (providing increased kitchen prep and storage space) to become the heart of the home.

The Scandinavian-inspired timber and white colour palette encourages daylight to bounce around filling the home with literal and ambient warmth. From sunrise to sunset, there is a constant sense of connection to outside which makes the space feel bigger than its square meterage.

Everything in this space has its place. Every cupboard and drawer has been designed for purpose. A breakfast bench has been designed to fit the depth of the coffee machine. A custom made open shelf features daily objects as ornaments.

You could call it a functional aesthetic. For an architect who usually works in the macro, Chatsworth Terrace House has been a lived experiment in the design and making of the micro.