Brickmaking in Manjimup

from The Blue Carpet Collective Easter Studio #1 (29-30th March 2013)

Intent: to create a studio type environment, which allows time and space for creative work – loosely based around the ideas of extra-curricular architecture, collaboration, and personal creative practice in balance with career activity.

Place: Graphite Road, Manimup, Western Australia. The house is old, fairly run down and not often lived in. It has hot water, electricity and a wood-fire in the kitchen. Little/no mobile reception. No internet. No landline.

Random moments of 2013

100% in 5 minutes. I wish all tests were like this. Followed by a celebratory purchase of brand new sateen sheets = heavenly slumber.

We’re halfway through 2013 and I’ve just sat my Australian citizenship test. It’s been a year and a half since I broke free from the clutches (I mean nurturing hands) of university, and a year since I started this blog.

Ashamedly, I’ve been slack with posts this year. I promise to redeem myself from here on. First, here are some random moments from the year so far. Continue reading “Random moments of 2013”