Sudden Movements: building an architectural practice

Here’s an article from this year’s Winter edition of DQ magazine that provides an honest insight into one architect’s journey of establishing her own practice. Click on the image below to enlarge. Try not to get distracted by the ad on the next page.

Steep Learning Curves

I relate with her motivation of ‘ownership’ and predict this may become a driving factor for my own career choices down the track. At present, I still have much to learn about the workings of architectural practice. I have posed the question to myself before and concluded that yes of course I aspire to develop my professional skills and stature to the highest level possible – which may culminate in running a practice – however, I make the decision at this point in time that I would prefer to build on a practice that has already been long established rather than starting from scratch. This path, I believe, will enable my involvement in (large) urban/civic developments that will impact society on macro to micro scales, which is the motivation that drives my personal practice each day.

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