Random moments of 2013

100% in 5 minutes. I wish all tests were like this. Followed by a celebratory purchase of brand new sateen sheets = heavenly slumber.

We’re halfway through 2013 and I’ve just sat my Australian citizenship test. It’s been a year and a half since I broke free from the clutches (I mean nurturing hands) of university, and a year since I started this blog.

Ashamedly, I’ve been slack with posts this year. I promise to redeem myself from here on. First, here are some random moments from the year so far.

Sunshine and ciders in the beautiful west coast…

Weird and wonderful encounters at the best Perth Fringe Festival to date…

Brickmaking in Manjimup

Easter egg hunting in Busselton…

Succumbing to snapchat (after much protest)…

Minigolf, fishing and winter fires in Augusta

Becoming Australian? …

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